Web designing and digitization services


• Developing News media web sites
• Designing online magazines & news bulletins
• Digitization services of your old and present publications
• Integrated hosting
• Publication Payment gateway integration (optional)
• Annual maintenance

Content is traditional media’s most valuable asset. It’s exclusive, local and well editorialized. But, tied only to print, it loses its potential to grow. So Colorweb helps you to take you online.

With readers and advertisers increasingly moving online, Publishers have no choice but to move with them. This is where Colorweb joins hand as a online service provider with digitization services to media partners, offering technology solutions to News papers magazines, journals, books and corporate collateral online, making main objective of the Colorweb. We understand all digital channels including Web, Mobile, and E-Reader. Our services are designed to produce the best online reading experience; anywhere, anytime

Even after you’ve decided to go digital, the challenges don’t go away…they simply change in nature. That’s why choosing the right online strategy and tools along with making the right investment requires a fair amount of expertise. Colorweb makes it easy. Top-of-the-line features; the widest spectrum of digital distribution channels; integrated monetization on a pay-as-you-go basis or a membership model with a fully-hosted service; a formula for success that’s redefining the way digital publishing is perceived.

By digitally distributing publications, Colorweb frees up your business potential. Publishers can reduce long distance delivery costs, tap readers from around the world and serve performance-based advertising. Readers love it. Advertisers love it. And, we invite the publishers the benefits of Color web’s cutting-edge technology.

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