Cell phone news, next big thing in media! Spread of news and advertising content via mobile phone is the area that will shape the News paper industry in the years to come. Connecting you to 600 million+ people world wide in a finger tip is a no wonder.

Alert your news coverage through a mobile to your loyal and new readers is next big opportunity for a newspaper- so your paper sales can be instantly increased. And the best part is you don’t need tons of newsprint, Hundreds of press people and million dollars press but still you can reach your readers within a fractions of second and let them know the news happenings in a price of a one paisa.

Make a alert news in your mobile and send to www.newsmobile.in. We will send your news to millions of people with in a second with your publications name on it.

For example: www.newspapername.newsmobile.in. For more information logon to: www.newsmobile.in.

Text news alert ……...… 160 Characters(letters) per SMS
Voice news alert ………… 1-3 Minutes