NIE (News Paper In Education)

Who says that NIE starts from Class 5? Today, news and current affairs are conveyed to children right from kindergarten to high school. Surprised? Well, with a view to polish the Indian NIE system with international standards, for the first time in India, we have launched an innovative method of communicating news to children of all age groups through age-appropriate ‘News Activities for Students’. If you have an existing NIE, enhance it by taking advantage of our news activities along with comics, stories, activities, quizzes and many more to create the finest educational newspaper ever! If you wish to come up with a new NIE, we will provide you the entire package, including online edition. You can include everything from curriculum to current affairs in your NIE, and also attract children’s product advertisers.

Areas of utility:

  • School NIE
  • NIE publishers
  • Online NIE